It’s something that I’ve noticed before but especially over the last few days. So, often it seems to happen that as soon as it is time for schoolchildren to go to school the rain starts. In fact, it often does better than that. It will tempt them out with a sunny sky and then belt down with rain as soon as they are too far from home to get back again.

It’s the same coming home. I’ve seen it happen that there is not another shower all day – till just after they get out of school. In fact, what usually happens is it waits till they are nearly home, even on their home road, and then buckets down so that they come home completely soaked.

Of course, there is no point in them running home when that starts as they are running through the same volume of water and get just as wet.

This is a phenomenon which goes beside the other one which is that the bad weather tends to come at the weekends when everyone is off. I’ve seen this one happen so often too.

You get people staring out their office or shop or school windows at beautiful sunny weather and yearning for the weekend – when it usually disappears.