It’s that time of year again and there’s only 3 weeks left until Exams are underway once more. The Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students begin to panic around now!

But don’t! Panic is the one thing you want to avoid. Sit down quietly and go over your subjects, and by now it should all be revision. Try not to begin learning anything new at this stage. Begin breaking down your revision  and make summary notes, and finally bullet points on the last few days.

Keep going through the exam papers and know the format of each paper. Know the exact amount of questions you are expected to answer. Be aware of the length of the exam – is it 2 hours or is it 3.5 hours? Know how long you are going to spend on each question when you enter the exam hall/room. Ensure you watch the time and when you have reached the time limit for any given question, STOP and go to next question. Spending too much time on one question can leave you with less time for another and marks will be lost. Always leave paper space after each answer and return to it if you finish within the time.

Finally, do not panic if what you had prepared is not on the paper. Take a moment and compose  your thoughts. Remember you have covered all the work and you will be able to do something. Maybe it’s not what you really want to answer but you will be able to make an attempt. Do not leave a question unanswered. Attempt everything that’s required.

Never leave the exam before the time is up. Should you be finished go over the paper and see if you can add anything. Check for spelling and grammar. But use the time wisely and do not leave. It may just give you those needed extra points.

The exams are very important but they are not the world. Relax and simply do your best. Good luck to one and all with that last minute revision!