He was a sensation at the DylanFests in 2010 and 2011 but he couldn’t make it for the DylanFest in 2012. He told me earlier this year that he couldn’t make it for the DylanFest this year either as it was a busy time at work for both he and Pino Tocco in Sardinia.

However, I sent him Michael Moravik’s wonderful article about his time in Moville at the DylanFest in 2012.

So, Al got back to me and said that Pino definitely couldn’t come but there was a 50% chance that he could make it. I wasn’t sure in what guise but this is wonderful news. there’s been some great acts at the DylanFest but Al is right up there with the best of them and maybe the best of the lot.

Said one local Dylan fan “It’d be amazing to get him. He sets the standard for Dylan acts!”

Here’s the short film he made himself of DylanFest 2010 – Al Diesan Stick Inside of Moville

This video should be used to sell the town.

Here’s Michael Moravik’s great article again –

The DylanFest is on this year from Aug 22nd to 25th.