She impressed many people in the Songwriters Contest and now Laura Bonner is to play her first gig in Rosatos. She has played before there at the Songwriters Contest final but this is the first time that she has played a full gig.

She is replacing Debbie & Geraldine who, it seems, pulled out 2 weeks ago to be replace by Laura, but it wasn’t noted in the bookings book.

Laura was one of only two songwriters that got 4 songs through to the final but she was a bit unfortunate in that her best songs were when the crowd was biggest and at least one of the judges (Tony Bramwell) wasn’t able to hear her properly. I think she was a little nervous both with the big crowd and playing in front of Tony who saw every Beatles gig when they were at the height of their fame.

One man who was impressed was Jim Fernand who has got friends in London who are in the music business and he has contacted them to recommend her. They’ve asked him to send them a CD of hers.

So, it will be very interesting to hear her first Rosatos gig tonight.