A couple of months ago I’d noticed a post on facebook calling for ladies of all ages to come have a kick about at the astro pitch in Muff on a Friday evening. I did think about it and then, ‘nah’ I concluded. I later spoke to one of the organisers and she assured me that there was young and old coming and it was for all levels of fitness. Still I wasn’t sure. So last evening, I decided to go check it out myself seeing as the fitness craze is slowly creeping in on me at present. So it was with trainers and trackies I headed over to see if I could still run after and kick that round thing on the pitch!

A group of mixed aged ladies were indeed there and I was welcomed warmly. After 4 minutes running after the ball I thought my body was going into shock. But the moment passed and so did an hour. Boy what fun we did have. Laughter, giggles, an odd dispute, but much much running around and a great workout. Little did I realise but it really does take stamina to play footie.

So if any of you young or even not so young ladies in the local area fancy a fun evening whilst getting loads of excercise, come along to the astro pitch next Friday evening at 7.30pm. You won’t be disappointed.

(And I’ll need to start saving as a pair of footie trainers is now needed…)