There are many unemployed youngsters in Moville & Greencastle. Many of them have degrees and are out of work or are working in pubs and restaurants. Unemployment in Moville was 29.2% at the last census in 2011 and is sure to be more now. Youth unemployment will be even higher still.

However, there is one sector where they are crying out for people and this is in the IT Sector. It is one of the few sectors where the number of jobs are growing on a yearly basis. Wages are increasing too.

Yet they can’t find enough of eth right people with the right skills.

Cisco chief Barry O’Sullivan told a Global Technology conference that there were 5,000 unfilled vacancies in the high tech area. The summit was also told that Ireland was producing only HALF the engineering and computer science graduates that they need.

Indeed Sean O’Sullivan of Avego said that there were 20,000 jobs in high tech that could easily be filled if the right kind of talent was available in Ireland.

That’s a crying shame. Youngsters at the local Community College should consider doing an IT related degree. That’s where the jobs are – and well paid too.