If there was any doubt that The Yetis are the biggest pulling band in the area then that doubt was dispelled last night in Maguires. I wondered if Maguires would get a big enough crowd to justify putting them on but the decision was more than justified. They couldn’t have got The Yetis on a Saturday night, anyway, as they are fully booked every Saturday night till October.

James, Paul and Stephen gave full value for money with encore after encore being demanded by a very appreciative audience. They really have developed in the past year or so. The drums of Stephen have made a huge difference. Also, Paul has developed into an excellent bass player and James a very good guitarist. James is a top class singer ably helped by Paul who is much improved.


It’s just a shame Tony Bramwell didn’t get to hear them play when he was over. I’m sure he would have enjoyed it. After their perfomance last night I’m sure Maguires would be happy to book them again. It also looks as if they may soon be taking bookings for 2104 for Saturday nights as their bookings book rapidly fills up.

There’s nothing a pub likes better than a band who can pull a crowd and the Yetis sure do this. I was surprised when Paul said towards the end “This is the first time we’ve played in Moville”.

It won’t be the last!