A 1.1 result was sufficient for QPS to take the League title today. The lads played in miserable conditions of wind and rain at Dunree this afternoon. Fortunately they succeeded in holding Dunree to a draw and their task was done.

A good crowd from the village and surrounding area descended on the pitch today to support the QPS lads. A somewhat messy game ensured a few swear words and such to be heard along the sideline! Particular uproar got up as popular lad Del Boy suffered a nasty injury.

The lads clearly breathed a sigh of relief on the final whistle and their celebrations got underway. Champagne was sprayed and a certain Terence got rather wet!! The players and supporters travelled the road home from Dunree to Muff in a car cavalcade. Horns were heard throughout the journey and not only tops were out the windows, but a selection of heads also. On arrival in Muff village they showed their appreciation for the continued support by driving around and waking the neighbours! All have now embarked on the popular Squealing Pig lounge and no doubt a long night is ahead. Even Del Boy is managing with a straw! Well done guys, ye have earned it!

QPS now play in the Premier League next season and Craicon Muff wishes them the very best then.