There will surely be a number of sore heads in the village of Muff today. Not as a result of over consumption of alcohol, but from the headbanging antics at the 80’s disco.

A great crowd dawned the lounge of the Squealing Pig last night to help raise much needed funds for the local Community Park, currently under development. Not only did the crowd come out to help raise the funds, but also to hear some music from the greatest musical decade ever, the 80’s. And thanks to Liam Atcheson, the music certainly didn’t disappoint!

From Madonna to The Cure, Tiffany to Guns ‘n Roses, the hits just kept coming. And as the music played, the sense in most people went right out the window! The Pig has surely never seen dance moves like it!

A set of crutches was used as a dancing aid for a few and a certain local lady tried her hand (or rather whole body) at pole dancing on one of the pillars in the lounge. Oh, it was a sight! As for the heads banging to Guns ‘n Roses, the youth of the village just wouldn’t believe it (and it was the mothers!!).

Liam Atcheson sure did an amazing job in keeping the crowd entertained for the duration.  His selection of music ensured the dance floor never emptied. It was reminiscent of the disco nights in Scamps.

The style from the 80’s was also recreated last night. Even a rather odd couple in the bar managed the look…oh, that’s their everyday look!! Yikes! A wide variety of themes were on display. Most notable was the legwarmers! Hairstyles didn’t go unnoticed either. The ‘big’ hair was everywhere. And I do believe there were a few curls that were not quite genuine! Eh, Joe and Henry! These two hair challenged males apparently found an authentic fertilizer and dark curls resulted!! Hmmm

A fun night was certainly had by all and money was raised in the process.