James & Niamh are playing in Rosatos tonight. They play there once every four weeks. It was there that they started their careers in music with a gig on a Sunday night in Rosatos. Eddie had seen them on YouTube. I’d seen them there as well and thought they were OK but Eddie must have seen something and gave then their first gig when they were just 14. They took their opportunity

They went on to play in Rosatos at the now defunct Lighthouse Festival both in Rosatos and outside in the main square. Nothing fazes them. They impressed Tony Bramwell as well last year at the BeatlesFest. They get better every time you see them.

I think they are 17 now and with the improvement they have made in the last 3 years they are now one of the best and most popular acts around Inishowen. What will they be like in another 3 years?


Niamh has a great voice and it is just getting better and better with more experience. She’s also getting more confident and projecting to the audience more instead of just relying on that great voice.

James is getting a growing reputation around the area as a top class musician who is getting better all the time. He’s always being asked to join in the singing (it seems he CAN sing according to his ex-music teacher) but has refrained from doing it so far).

It should be a great night tonight.