What happens when a group of Muff ladies descend on a Derry restaurant? Fun, laughter, and much chit chat are sure to prevail! Planning seems to take months but it eventually falls into place. One group of ladies decided to make it a regular date but life kept getting in the way…until last night!

Da Vinci’s Restaurant was the place and these ladies made it a memorable night. Great food and wine, finished off with the coffee all added to a get together which provided much gossip and many secrets being revealed!


One learned about the advantages of electric blankets and how the contemporary ones now have two sides, so one or other of you can have the heat, or indeed both! Some agreed that an electric blanket wasn’t needed thanks to a good man beside you, whereas others a little older felt it was time to invest!!!

Swinging from chandeliers is a new pastime some of us hadn’t heard of, but who knows what the future might hold!

We learned that Bokwa is not some alien dish, but indeed an excellent form of exercise happening in Muff. That ‘kettle bells’ are not for putting on the stove, but more exercise down in Kilderry, and that Mia Fun Fitness is a local celebrity who beats the ‘Green Goddess’ any day.

Apparently hospital beds are more expensive than those at Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Donegal, so next time one is ill, perhaps a good holiday would be cheaper than the local A&E!

It also materialised that it definitely is much cheaper to buy the bottle of wine as opposed to that ‘large’ glass! Some got off cheaper than others!!

And on an explanation of ‘spooning’ one was left wondering what ‘forking’ involved! Oh, to be ladies of leisure socialising on a Wednesday night!


So if one needs cheering up, the moral of this story is, go ring the girlfriends and arrange a night out. It’s good therapy and much less expensive that the psychoanalyst, plus it gives a real insight into the reality of lives. And boy do those lives sound interesting!

Forget the ‘Housewives of New Jersey’….these ‘Housewives of Muff’ lead way more interesting lives!!!!!