Judge Angie was less strict than Tony Bramwell but was still stricter than the other two judges. So Jack Craig should be pleased that his song, Won’t Let You Down was the only one to get a 9 out of 10 from Angie.

Here are her ratings:-

9 – Won’t Let You Down – Jack Craig
8 – On the Right Track – Jack Craig
8 – The Water’s Edge – Paul Herron
8 – Such a Hold On Me – Matt Whoriskey
7 – Donegal Dream – Paul Herron
7 – Sirens – Matt Whoriskey
7 – New York – Matt Whoriskey
7 – Pleasure & Pain – Jack Craig
7 – Not Ready to Talk – Jessica Harkin
7 – I’ll Remember You – Shirley Clark

So, it looks as if she liked Jack Craig best followed closely by Paul Herron and Matt Whoriskey with favourably mentions for Jessica Harkin and Shirley Clark. She wasn’t too different from Tony Bramwell but favoured Jack ahead of Matt.