Paul Herron got two songs through to the final of the Songwriters Contest, Donegal Dream and The Water’s Edge. In the 2nd semi final in the Sean Ti, his song The Water’s Edge finished 2nd just half-a-point behind Kevin Brown’s The Truth and his other song Donegal Dream finished joint 3rd with Ryan O’Dochertaigh’s Risky Business and a point ahead of Jack Craig’s Won’t Let You Down which finished 2nd in he final.

Donegal Dream

Donegal Dream finished 4th in the final but arguably his top song, The Water’s Edge finished in the pack. I think the main reason for that was that it really needs a quiet audience and the crowd was much bigger in Rosatos than in the Sean Ti in the semis.

Although he didn’t win, Paul can be happy that Tony Bramwell gave his highest mark of 8 to his song Donegal Dream. He gave it the same mark in the semi final too. For the record Tony gave out three 7s. One to Sean O’Neill’s A Warm Hand which he had given 9 to in the semi and one each to Matt Whoriskey’s two songs Sirens and Such a Hold on Me.

Water’s Edge

Paul’s songs are beautiful and haunting but in a crowded pub, which Rosatos was, with background noise, The Water’s Edge didn’t come across as well as it did in the heat and semi final.

Still, he was a revelation in the heats and semis and there would be a lot of people who would want to see him again. He should, also, take advantage of the fact that the most important person there and most important judge, Tony Bramwell, gave Donegal Dream his highest mark. Tony was the only one there with his own record label. I don’t know if Paul has a CD but if he has it might be an idea to get it to Tony.