Sensational New band Deadpool finished 3rd in the Songwriters Contest in Rosatos, Moville on Saturday night. However, two of the 4 judges had them first. They are the type of band that you either love them or hate them. Two of the judges loved them and gave them straight tens and two of the judges were a bit ambivalent and gave them 5 and 6 for Ink and 5 and 5 for their other song.

In the semis there were three judges and they got straight 10s from them all for Ink. I have to say that I was one of those.

Four Songs

They appeared at 7pm to set up and didn’t get up till late. They had got two songs through to the final but as it didn’t seem appropriate for a full band to come all the way from Derry and spend all that time setting up we gave them 4 songs to sing.

The majority of the audience loved it and thought it was the most exciting part of the night – but a few didn’t like it. I have to say that I was in the former camp. I’d love to hear a full gig from them.

They really got the crowd going. there are rumours that the Sean Ti might book them. That would be a great venue for it but the band are getting more and more offers in Derry and were playing Sandinos the night after the Songwriter Contest.


Outside the DylanFest and BeatlesFest I would say they are the most exciting band I’ve heard around here since The Plea – who are now going on to great things both nationally and internationally. They used to be regulars at Rosatos and the Hair of the Dog before that.

Of course there was controversy. The music had to be stopped abruptly in Rosatos. Also there were accusations of bad behaviour (although only from a few people) although I must say that I didn’t see it and others I asked didn’t see it either.

Rock ‘n Roll

But that only adds to the mystique. It’s rock ‘n roll after all. There were plenty of people who would love to have heard more from them. They have as good a chance as anyone from around these parts of making it. Even if they don’t there’s going to be a lot of great nights in Derry and hopefully here as well. They would be great for the Sean Ti or Trawlerman although Rosatos might now be out-of-bounds.

I have to say it was a great night and one of the most enjoyable I’ve had. The acts seem to enjoy it too.