Matt Whoriskey

Matt is a Derry man but is married to Moville girl Bryna Barr. They both now live in Manchester where they teach.

Matt used to play a lot in Moville and has played both the DylanFest and BeatlesFest in Moville. He has now done the double double of playing both the DylanFest and BeatlesFest in Manchester too.

Over in Manchester he has set up a three-piece act called The Folk Remedy which is making waves there. Playing with him is Maria Bonner also from Derry but living in Manchester now. Maria is a classical violinist. It cost her £100 to bring her violin over on the plane for the Songwriter Contest and was worried that it had to go in the hold. The violin was made in 1647 and was given to her by an old guy after he heard her play. “You should have it” he said.

The song that won the Song Contest was called Siren which scored 33 points out of 40. Matt’s other songs scored well as well. New York and Such a Hold on Me scored 31 points each and Fool, Fool got 30 points. Tony Bramwell, having seen every gig that the Beatles every played, is quite a strict marker.

Matt will be back in the summer and hopes to play the BeatlesFest and DylanFest in late August. Meanwhile his Folk Remedy is catching.