It’s all talk about the 80’s at the present time. It’s all over Facebook, it’s in the shops, it’s on the streets, and it was in the pub all weekend. So this coming Friday night really is one to be a part of. The 80’s night in the Squealing Pig on Friday, 26th April, will be the ‘in’ place to be seen.

One local lady is even daring to dawn her pink Dynasty style outfit her Mum made for her in 86/87. A pink blouse and tulip skirt. She definitely deserves a round of applause for fitting into her 80’s gear. Go you!!!!

So dawn the gear you have lying in the back of that wardrobe or just pull on those jeans….anything went in the 80’s so Friday night goes with that flow….dress up, dress down, just come along for 9.30pm to the Squealing Pig.

This night is raising funds for the local Community Play Park. Entry on the night is a meager €5 and all proceeds go towards the development of the park. Don’t miss out on what”s going to be the night of the year at Muff’s Squealing Pig. Who knows, the next headline may well be, ‘Squealing Pig Nightclub opening soon’!!!!!!