Muff village takes a lot of stick from the outside world in relation to its name! Muff is famous worldwide thanks to its double meaning! Many take pride in making fun of our wee village and it’s always interesting to watch the tourists getting their photograph taken at the sign ‘Welcome to Muff’. Thankfully we’re a tough bunch here and enjoy the craic.

Muff, whose name derives from a mispronunciation of the Irish ‘Magh’, meaning plain, has long been the butt of puerile jibes by comedians Graham Norton and Podge and Rodge.

It’s most interesting that ‘Fanny Wileys Bridge’ doesn’t get quite so much mention. Oh, there’s so much more to Muff!!!!

I’ve heard the slang of ‘Top Muff’ when the petrol supplier ‘Top’ was in the village. ‘Top Muff’ keyrings were rather popular! The ‘Muff Diving Club’ is infamous. The Clipper festival sign last year ‘Muff welcomes Clipper’ went viral and caused great stir. As a people, the villagers enjoy the take on the local place name.

I believe the most recent product has been circulating for a while now, but I only discovered it yesterday whilst shopping in the village. ‘Muff Jam’ is now on sale. And not only ‘Muff Jam’ but it’s actually ‘Borderlands Muff Jam’….now is the Jam borderland, or is it borderland jam? Oh, it could take a while. In years gone by Borderland dance hall was a real ‘jamming’ place!

So if you want a new token to take from our infamous village do pop along to Borderland Store and pick up a jar of ‘Borderlands Muff Jam’ for the price of €2.99!!! There’s a great selection to choose from!! Happy shopping…..