Goodness but there was a lot of controversy during the week with the allocation of tickets for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Derry this coming May. Tickets were due to be allocated online and via telephone at 9am on Tuesday morning. Due to a technical hitch this was postponed until 9am Wednesday morning.

By 9am Wednesday the North West was online and queuing for those all desired tickets! Myself included. Facebook became awash with comments about it being ‘sold out’ and how it was ridiculous that tickets were not being got! Phew, my relief when I was asked to select a day, enter my details and boom, I had a reference number. So Saturday it is. Here’s hoping the line up is a good one. My camera, pen, eyes and ears will be awaiting!

So many were unfortunate to miss out on these tickets and others (especially in England) were successful in obtaining numerous ones. Within minutes these tickets were on ebay selling for ridiculous  prices.  Hopefully those sold on will become null and void. Just so unfair.

So here’s hoping that early May will bring us an enthusiastic and lively line up of acts and that Derry will be awash with song and music for yet another memorable weekend. Here’s to it…..