A wee tribute to the forthcoming 80’s disco in Muff next Friday night!

On the night of Friday April 26th, at the infamous Squealing Pig, Muff, one will most certainly hear Madonna getting ‘into the groove’ or even going on a ‘Holiday’. Perhaps the legends that are New Order will tell us about that ‘Blue Monday’. Soft Cell will no doubt explain all about ‘Tainted Love’ while Michael Jackson will give us a ‘Thriller’. Lionel Richie will ensure we dance ‘All Night Long’ while Irene Cara will have us doing a ‘Flashdance’.

Whitney Houston may well expect us to ‘Dance with Somebody’ and David Bowie encourage all to simply ‘Let’s Dance’. Madonna will later pretend to be ‘Like a Virgin’ and Frankie Goes to Hollywood will be encouraging us to ‘Relax’. Duran Duran may turn up the tempo and realise we’re all ‘Hungry Like a Wolf’ whilst Kajagoogoo will pick out the ones that are just ‘Too Shy’.

Oh how this good old music is missed amidst the dj mixes and boom boom of the modern day song. Let’s take a trip down memory lane on the 26th and relive the good old musical 80’s. Some of us are fortunate to recall the Saturday nights in Scamps and Tul na Ri boogying to these good old tunes. And those of us fortunate to do so are also fortunate to feel as Japan sang ‘Forever Young’. Well we can dream!

No 80’s night would be complete without at least one rock set. So let’s be ‘Living on A Prayer’ with Bon Jovi, climb that ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as Led Zepplin intended. We can all rock the night away to Whitesnake’s ‘Here I go again’ and then simply ‘Run to the Hills’ with Iron Maiden.

For some ‘Love will tear us apart’ as Joy Division predicted and for others as The Clash sang, will go ‘Straight to Hell’. Surely before the night is over ‘Hells Bells’ will ring from AC/DC and soon we’ll all be feeling ‘Seventeen’ like Winger. The legend that is Bryan Adams will sing about the year of all years, and the summer of all summers, that ‘Summer of ‘69’ – the summer when only special people were born!!!!

The teen anthem of the 80’s, Tiffany’s ‘I think we’re alone now’ will undoubtedly be played during the night, and with regard to the infamous decade we’ll always remember Simple Mind’s ‘Don’t you forget about me’. How could we ever forget the music of all music? The 80’s rocked in more ways than one.

So do come along to The Squealing Pig on Friday April 26th and get a taste of what it was really like. Make it a night to remember and in the process raise much needed funds for our local Community Park!

‘Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!’.