We set up a night for musical acts that wanted a chance to play in front of Tony Bramwell in Rosatos on Thursday. John Deery are pretty big in Derry and too big for doing songwriter contests. They could only play for 40 minutes or so and played from 9pm to 9:40pm. Many people thought we meant Moville time and so came in after the act was over.

That was a shame for them as John Deery and the Heads were very impressive doing their own songs. Tony Bramwell was tapping the bar as they played and he went up to speak to them at the end. He spoke to them for a while and got several free copies of their CD. That usually means that he wants to distribute them to contacts in England. As they left he said he would be in touch.

Unfortunately Moville’s new supergroup Small Gods couldn’t make it for a variety of reasons but Sean O’Neill, who has come up from Dublin gave us a nice set of his songs. He will be appearing in the Sean Ti tonight.

It was a good night and it might lead to something for a very good band from Derry.