Tony Bramwell arrived in Moville this evening at about 7:15pm ready to be the main judge for the National Songwriters Contest. He tells me that since he was last here last summer he has been in the US, Stockholm, Brazil and the Caribbean in his role for Paul McCartney as an ambassador for The Beatles.

He’s now ensconced in his favourite residence of Barrons cafe in the centre of the town. Later on this evening he will be in Rosatos to see Derry’s best band, John Deery and the Heads play for him from 9pm to 10pm. Here’s their songs – John Deery and the Heads

It is a real class bill tonight with Small Gods, the new supergroup comprised of The Yetis and Spring Tides, Moville’s top bands playing.

Sean O’Neill is coming up from Dublin for the contest along with Shirley Clark and he will be play a few tunes tonight for Tony and Paddy the Shoe will be there and may play a couple himself.

Tomorrow Tony will be in the Sean Ti in Greencastle to be the main judge for the semi final of the Songwriters Contest and then in Rosatos for the Grand Finals on Saturday night.

It sounds like a good weekend.