There’s not usually that many people out on a Thursday in Moville. There might be one or two out on this Thursday though. Beatles talent scout Tony Bramwell will be in Rosatos and this has attracted some top acts that want to play for him.

First up at approximately 9pm to 10pm are John Deery and the Heads who Derry is raving about. He is going to bring the full band with him. They have a quote on their website from Tony Bramwell saying he liked them after getting a copy of their CD and now they have an opportunity to play live for him.

Here’s their music John Deery and the Heads

Also playing for Tony will be new Moville Supergroup Small Gods which is made up fo the best young bands The Yetis and Spring Tides.

Coming for the Songwriter Contest early just to play for Tony will be Sean O’Neill and Shirley Clark for Dublin. Paddy the Shoe will be there and may play a song or two as well. We may add others to this.

It sounds like a great night – and it is only the appetiser for the main course on Friday in the Sean Ti and on Saturday in Rosatos.