Here are the Top Ten best read articles on CraicOn last week

1. The People in Moville known only by their First Names 120
2. Exciting Night in the Castle Inn tonight 103
3. A German view of Moville, Rosatos and the DylanFest 99
4. Crime plummets in Moville by 56% 98
5. Childhood Innocence! 94
6. How do the Moville Crows know it is Tuesday 93
7. Songwriters Contest Semi-Final Runners and Riders 89
8. Facelift for the Squealing Pig! 77
9. Water fell out of the sky today. What was happening? 72
10. Bar-a-Cuda sold for a snip. Big new owners in town 65

Unfortunately the last one, told to us by a local bar owner, turned out not to be true.

However, with 68 reads, the lie was half way round the world before the truth had its shoes on.