I have no hesitation in admitting that I do not have the slightest interest in GOLF! My son may be passionate about the game and I drop and lift him to and from the course, but I really don’t understand the attraction at all.

However, whilst sitting in my now ‘local’ in Dublin last night (The Ferryman) I did notice the ‘Masters’ was on in the background! I say in the background but it was actually on, on a number of screens in the bar. No one was paying much attention except the barman. That was probably because the bar was filled with people from all corners of the globe (ok, so I know there’s no corners on a globe) and people were just unwinding from the busy weekend; including myself and hubby!

Sometime around 11.30pm I overheard the commentary and realised that this game was indeed a very close one and there was the possibility that an Aussie might win the Master’s for the first time. Somehow I got engrossed….as did the rest of the clientele. We were hooked. Angel Cabrera and Adam Scott had got our undivided attention. I’d never even heard of either of these men before this time last night. Suddenly I was a Scott fan! Quite simply because he’s an Aussie and rather good looking. Definitely the better looking of the two. It was rather sweet that Cabrera’s caddy was his son. But I still went for the ‘attractive’ one!

I happened to put a post on Facebook regarding my newfound passion in golf (lasting an hour). Suddenly I realised that a certain Mrs C in Muff was also taken in with it. And like myself she was rooting for Scott. No doubt for the same reasons as I! Suddenly it was a ‘playoff’. Heck, I found it hard to watch. How did this happen? Me! Not hearing the question ‘would you like another drink?’ (highly unusual) I was so taken in! Mind you I did get that last order! Mrs C and I were in opposite ends of the country but ‘connected’!

Phew, eventually Scott potted the shot of his life and it was cheers from me in Dublin and cheers from ‘her’ in Muff. I walked back to my brothers apartment commenting to poor Paul about Adam Scott’s superb game. A teeth clenching, nail biting end to another dramatic golfing tournament had me all sucked in.

Will I be taking to the golf course this summer? No! But I might tune in to watch Adam Scott play again one day soon! Will you Mrs C?