Tony Bramwell is coming to Moville this week. This is his 7th visit to the town. He came here three times in one year once and told someone that he’d probably spent more time in Moville than he had spent anywhere else that year, including his own home. He told local journalist Katie Barr that his favourite three places in the world are Hawaii, Nashville and Moville.

And this week he will be back for his 7th visit.

His schedule this week will be as follows:-

Thursday – Mellow night in Rosatos. A few acts who want to play for Tony Bramwell but who aren’t in the Songwriter Contest will play acoustically for him. Among those likely to play are John Deery one of the top acts from Derry and Moville’s new supergroup whose new name escapes me for the moment. Let’s call them Not Yeti for now. There’s also Sean O’Neill and Shirley Clark who have come up from Dublin for the contest. Tony will be available for questions too of his time with the Beatles and afterwards.

Friday – Songwriter Contest 2nd Semi-Final in the Sean Ti. Tony will be the main judge. There are some great acts booked. There are local acts Debbie & Geraldine, Laura Bonner and Jessica Harkin (and maybe James McIvor and Gerard McMonagle) as well as Derry acts Paul Herron, Ryan O’Dochertaigh, Jack Craig and Susan Donaghy. John Bradley will be coming from Buncrana.

Saturday – Grand Finals of the Songwriter Contest in Rosatos. Tony will be the main judge. Last Year’s final was phenomenal with a great winner in Cork man Lawrence Hackett’s spine tingling When We Do Fall. Flying in from Manchester will be Matt Whoriskey and cutting short a tour of London will be 16-year-old Downings sensation Rosie Carney. That great Derry band Deadpool, who would remind one of Nirvana, will be playing. It should be some night.

By the way, Tony is very approachable. If you want a quick chat with him Thursday night is probably the best night when he isn’t judging but he’ll be out and about in Moville over the weekend and the seat outside Rosatos supping a pint of Guinness is usually a god place to find him if the weather allows.

He will be staying in Barrons Cafe once again.