No, this is definitely NOT an April Fool!! Whilst sitting in the fabulous bar in The Gibson Hotel, Dublin last night, I happened to notice the O2 directly across the road was lit up in pink! So being me, I couldn’t resist but take a pic and post to Facebook! Knowing that PINK was playing there last night, it was obvious the lighting was promoting her good self!

Not long after I posted the pic on Facebook, with the title ‘Goodness I wonder why the O2 is PINK tonight’, I received a rather humorous comment from my dear Uncle Francis! He wittingly said ‘I thought that was the Pig after it’s new facelift’! What can I say. The Squealing Pig is popular nationwide be it in Pink or otherwise. Here’s wondering if the same Francis will mistake the newly face lifted Squealing Pig when it’s complete with the O2 Dublin, or perhaps even the White House!