There are some people in Moville who you only have to say their first names and everyone knows who you are talking about. This can be because their names are unusual or because they are the most well known person with this names – or a mixture of both.

If I said Marion, Cecilia, Benny, Leo, Enda or Movania you would probably know whom I was talking about without saying their surnames.

There might be other ones too like Martin or Harold that most people would twig immediately who they were without a second name.

Sadly I don’t qualify as I need the epithet ‘Scotch’ attached to my name so that people know who I am. I only discovered that after reading it in the Derry Journal a while back in a piece by Katie Barr. Still, it could be worse.

Nobel Nobleman

Of course, even if you are very famous you might not qualify here.

If I said “I was talking to John the other day” people might say “John who” even if I was referring to Ireland’s Greatest Man and the winner of the Nobel Peace prize, The Ghandi Prize and the Martin Luther King Award as well as the French legion of Honour (if you still need another clue you can’t get out much).

If I said ‘Brian’ I’m sure you would ask which Brian I was talking about.

I’m trying to think of other people who would qualify (and I’m sure there are some) but I can’t think of any at the moment. If you think of any just let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Out of a town of nearly 1,500 there’s probably less than 10 though who would be known in just first name terms.