I was walking along the road today and water fell out of the sky – just like that. I saw a few youngsters looking very puzzled indeed. An old guy with a wispy grey beard and a walking stick said it was called Rain. He’d seen it as a youngster.

Surprisingly in Moville, it hadn’t rained for weeks until we got a little sprinkling today. There should be more of it in the next few days but nothing too bad.

However, the temperature is due to rise on Saturday to 10 degrees when there will be some sun too and it won’t fall below 14 degrees next week hitting a high of 16 degrees. We’ll be able to save on coal and oil at last.

Now if we can just combine higher temperatures with the clouds staying away for at least some of the time we can be of better cheer.

Most of the worst is behind us and must of the best is still to come so be of good cheer Movillians, spring is her and summer is coming.