I’m sure most of you will have noticed over the past week, whilst walking/driving through the village, that there’s a bit o work happening outside our local bar. Brian must have taken out a wee loan to give the place a facelift!

What will it end up like? Who knows? But it sure looks like it’s going to be a rather elegant exterior. The lounge entrance has been transformed. And looking pretty darn good too. Now to see what he’s going to do with that all important Bar entrance. And I do wonder if perhaps he’s putting a nice comfy sofa out in the beer garden/smoking area!!! Now wouldn’t that be something! Perhaps I’ll give him a list of suggestions.

Whatever the final result is, we don’t doubt it will be a great one. So here’s to seeing the end piece very soon. The Guinness couldn’t be improved upon, so there’s certain things that need never change!