Falling Crime

According to the Inishowen Independent today crime in Moville is plummeting. In 2010 there were 160 recorded crimes in Moville. In 2011 there were 134 recorded crimes. Last year there were just 71 recorded crimes in Moville.

That means that recorded crimes have fallen by 56% in just 2 years. That’s astonishing. Movillians being Movillians that will just cause them to worry that they might lose some of their garda or even the station. There is a ban in Ireland on garda hiring which means that when one retires, as happened in Moville, they can’t be replaced.


It has also to be said that a good deal of the crime in the town is committed by outsiders with some coming here from over the border to commit theft crimes and get back over the border. Tony Bramwell witnessed one of those last year when Norris’s was robbed when he was sitting outside Rosatos next door. When the getaway car whizzed past him he thought they must have been making Grabbers 2. They were arrested in Derry.

I have heard people in the past complain in years gone by about youngsters but it is a great bunch of youngsters we have in the town now – perhaps the best ever. They are a credit to themselves, their parents and their schools.

This is at a time when unemployment in Moville at the last census in 2011 was 29.2% which is around the worst levels hit in the Great Depression in America. It is even worse for the youngsters of the town. You would think they would become anti-social and start stealing from shops etc. Normally when unemployment goes up crime rockets too, but here it is doing the opposite.

Great Youngsters

The last murder in Moville took place more than 150 years ago. It’s a very safe place to live and bring up children. I know things are bad economically here at the moment and people are a bit down but they should give themselves some credit for this and the way they bring up their children and the children should take a lot of credit themselves.

The local schools should also pat themselves on the back. They’re bringing up a great generation of youngsters – perhaps the best ever in perhaps the most testing times ever. Bringing up good, well-adjusted youngsters is even more important than Leaving Cert results.

Well done to everyone involved!

It’s a special town.