Whilst doing a favour for a friend yesterday I overheard the most interesting conversation. I had arranged to collect my friend’s 5 year old son and his 4 year old friend from school. Whilst the two boys were in the back seat, harmless banter got up between them. The 5 year old I know quite well and the 4 year old, I’d never met before.

They started the chat with making plans to play bowls and football at each others houses. Then somehow the conversation took a dramatic turn! The 4 year old was saying that he remembered being up in heaven. The 5 year old replied that you couldn’t be in heaven unless you were dead. ‘Don’t be silly’ said the 4 year old, ‘I mean when I was being built’. To this the 5 year old said, ‘we don’t get built in heaven’. ‘Yes we do’, came the 4 year old straight back. ‘When we’re getting built and all the parts are being put together and then lastly they stick on your head’. ‘Oh’ replied the 5 year old. And ‘oh’ replied I!

I’ve heard many stories about how we come to be, but this has to be one of the best. The innocence of childhood and all it represents. Sometimes wouldn’t you just love to contain that innocence forever…..