And it was back to school and college this morning for many of our kids, seeing the end of another school/college break. Easter is a welcome holiday for students as they need the space to recharge the batteries before embarking on the final term and end of year exams.

For secondary school students, today marked the first day of their last term. And the pressure at the ever fast approaching Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations. A stressful time lies ahead for many homes. It’s not just the student who feels the pressure but the entire family. As a parent, one must walk on eggshells and be as supportive as possible.

It’s the final Junior Certificate examinations in this household and it’s coming on fast. Only a couple of months left in school and then it’s bang into the middle of the exams. Here’s hoping the end of June gets here soon and the summer holidays can finally get underway.

So all you students out there, give it one final lash and knuckle down for what will be the quickest couple of months of your lives. The exams will hit you very soon and what better way to approach them, than to have the prep work done. Good luck to each and every one of you!