Living in the border village of Muff, many of us take at least one weekly trip to Derry for a grocery shop. The shopping facilities are excellent in the village here, but the selection in Derry is always that wee bit greater. However, I do shop on a daily basis in the village so I’m not bringing all my money (little that there is) to the neighbouring city.

As from today, April 8th, plastic bags in Derry will now cost 5p. It doesn’t seem a lot but if you are doing a large shop for a family of 5 or above, the charge will be a little extra pressure on your weekly shop. Plastic bags will not be as plentiful now at the end of the self service check-out in Sainsburys or Tescos. Investing in a few material shopping bags might just be a good idea. So beware as you plan your trip to Derry from today and remember to pack that few extra pence in the purse.