There were two semi-finals but we’ve made a 3rd one which will happen on the same night as the final and will immediately precede it. It is only for those who live far away.

Semi Final 1 – Castle Inn – April 12th

Unattainable – Laura Bonner
Duffy’s Cut – Leo McCauley
Gathering – Leo McCauley
Don’t know what for – Martin Moir
On the right track – Jack Craig
The Rose of Fluoride Free – Karl McCarron
My Granda’s Brother Gerard – Mark McKinney from String Fellas (Derry)
Not Ready to Tak – Jessica Harkin
Dancing in the Shop – Jessica Harkin
Ink – Deadpool (Derry)
That Time My Friend – Deadpool
*You Face the Sea – James O’Donnell (with Gerard McGonagle) – already sung
Loaded Gun – Laura Bonner
Touch the Sky – Martin Moir
About a Cow (We’re Going Down) – James O’Donnell and Gerard McGonagle (of Spring Tides)
Moving Ahead – Martin Moir
Pleasure and Pain – Jack Craig

Semi Final 2 – April 19th at the Sean Ti

I Just Can’t Help Myself – John Bradley
Won’t You Save Me – John Bradley
Won’t Let You Down – Jack Craig (Derry)
Your Grip – Susie Donaghy
Where are we going to get our love – Debbie & Geraldine
One Last Time – Debbie & Geraldine
The Water’s Edge – Paul Herron
Just Down the Road – Paul Herron
The Donegal Dream – Paul Herron
Kick’n Beat – Laura Bonner
Boston Eyes – Susie Donaghy (Derry)
Liquid Confidence – Laura Bonner
I’ll Remember You – Shirley Clark (Dublin)
Too Many Funerals – Sean O’Neill (Dublin)
A Warm Hand – Sean O’Neill
The Truth – Ryan O’ Dochertaigh
Risky Business – Ryan O’Dochertaigh
Sailor and the Saint – James O’Donnell and James McIvor (The James Boys)
About a Cow – Gerard McMonagle

Semi Final 3 – April 20th in Rosatos (immediately prior to the final)

Fool, Fool – Matt Whoriskey
Such a Hold on Me – Matt Whoriskey
New York
Smile – Rosie Carney
Do You Remember – Rosie Carney
Sirens – Matt Whoriskey
Send Me a Letter – Danny Doherty (Carndonagh)
? – Danny Doherty