Robert Anderson, a local community gardener, is encouraging locals to grow their own vegetables and make use of the community garden at Warrenview Manor, Muff. Warrenview has 22 allotment plots, potting shed, greenhouse and a newly erected polytunnel. It just needs you, the community to take your plot and start pottering around.


Taking an allotment plot will not only help put food on the table but it will encourage a healthier lifestyle. Being outdoors and at one with nature is good for the body and the soul. It also provides a means of escape when home becomes too noisy or otherwise!! It may even be the start of your road to being self sufficient!

Healthy Option

Growing you own vegetables proves very satisfactory when sitting down to dinner and knowing that you tended and grew your very own food. You also have control over how you grow your veg, it will be 100% organic. A healthier lifestyle in every way can be lived by simply taking an allotment.

Plot Allocation

Robert has confirmed that the committee of the Muff Community Garden is now allocating plots for the period 1st April to 13th December 2013. The cost for this period is €40.

Raised Beds

The Community Garden currently has 9 raised beds under construction. The beds will be raised above the surrounding soil and make it easier to access the vegetables etc sown there. Raised beds produce a variety of benefits: 1. They extend the planting season; 2. They can reduce weeds if designed and planted properly and  reduce the need to use poor native soil. Since the gardener does not walk on the raised beds, the soil is not compacted and the roots have an easier time growing; 3 The close plant spacing and the use of compost generally result in higher yields with raised beds in comparison to conventional row gardening. Waist-high raised beds enable the elderly and handicapped to grow vegetables without having to bend-over to tend them.


Further training will be encouraged for those who rent a plot. Opportunities to attend training programmes will be arranged over the coming months. And in order to help you get started the committee are hosting a horticulture demonstration on Wednesday 17th April at the newly refurbished Community Garden. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Robert Anderson on 0749384001 or email: [email protected]