In past years, one of the most successful means to raising money for a nominated local organisation or charity was through the Mayoral campaign of the Festival. 2013 is going to be NO exception. Muff Festival 2013 is currently seeking candidates for the campaign and nominations are being asked to be forwarded as soon as possible.

For such a small village, we have numerous organisations from which candidates can be nominated so why not choose that person NOW and put the name in TODAY.

I recall crazy events like climbing mountains (with a picnic basket…or was it a beer supply on board the quad!!) and spending the day on Iskaheen mountain with friends and community. The climb was a tough one but so much fun was had en route.  The fun lasted well into the night. There has been fun quizzes, treasure hunts, concerts, sky dives and many other wacky events in years gone by.

It’s now 2013 and surely we can recreate many of the events in years past, and many new ones to remember in years ahead. It’s a superb opportunity for locals to come together and enjoy having some fun, while at the same time raising much needs funds.

So get those thinking caps on and bring the suggestions to the nominated candidates. Here’s to many fun filled, wacky events in the village and surrounding areas over the coming months.

The winning candidate will have the very proud honour of being the first citizen of Ireland’s GREATEST BORDER VILLAGE, leading the Muff Festival Parade, and oversee Festival events and activities over the coming 12 months.