Being a Quigley’s Point gal, I was delighted to hear of The Point Inn reopening last month. Having visited a couple of times recently when family were home, for a few drinks, it was great going in and seeing faces from childhood and many other familiar bakes!  The Guinness was definitely first class.


Last night I finally got to sample the food. My mother decided to treat myself and my big sister to dinner, so dining in Quigley’s Point it was. The three girlies were hungry!!


Over recent weeks I had heard many great reports about the food. I always like to make my own mind up so I reserved judgement. And be it good or otherwise I like to tell it as I find it. As a writer I believe that all criticism is good, be it negative or positive. I must admit that a selection of people had said that the prices were a bit steep. In modern times money is a factor with everyone. As for myself I’m always looking for a bargain and don’t have that extra money to spend on treats so I had hoped for a reasonable feed.

On presentation with the menu, I must admit that the prices were higher than I normally like to pay. But like most folk, if the food is good I’m prepared to pay. So we three gals ordered.  A mixed selection was selected and we waited in anticipation.


What we all got was spectacular. It really was a meal to savour. Mother decided to order a vegetable risotto, which she’d never tried before (she didn’t even know what a risotto was!) and boy was she impressed! Having said she wasn’t really hungry, she cleaned her plate and said she’ll definitely ‘try that again’. Big sis ordered a favourite of hers, Spanish Chicken. She reckoned it was ‘one of the best’ she’s ever had. And this gal has travelled the world and eaten in the best eateries around. As for myself I went for the herb crusted Cod. Oh dear, it wasn’t good….it was simply divine. The best I’ve ever sampled. Served on a bed of lemon crust potatoes, I really experienced a slice of food heaven. It was one of those meals you just didn’t want to end. I tried to stretch it until there was nothing left on the plate.


A little more expensive than usual maybe! But when you get food as good as this, the price really doesn’t come into the equation. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. And what you get here is worth every penny or euro you have.


A return visit will most definitely be had and I hope I will try something different but something tells me it will be COD again. Yum.


The service was excellent and the staff extremely friendly. But what else would one expect in the town land that is Quigley’s Point!

So folks if you fancy dining in the locality and being guaranteed with complete satisfaction, I do believe that The Point Inn is the place to visit. Just go try it….you really won’t be disappointed.