You can look forward to a good weekend in Moville as Spring makes a welcome reappearance. Although it has been cold recently it has also been dry. That dry weather will continue till next Tuesday along with a lot of sunshine and the temperature will rise.


It will hit 5 degrees today but over the weekend it will rise to 9 degrees. In the sun that will feel quite warm. You could even get into your shorts or even contemplate a spell at the beach. I saw someone eating an ice lolly at Moville’s Bath Green beach yesterday. That was brave of her.

After that cold spell I’m sure Movillians will really appreciate the spell of warm sunny weather to come over the weekend. We may even get people coming down from Derry which will please local businesses.

Of course the big question at this time of year is, as usual, are we going to get a good summer. 1995 was the last good summer in Moville I’m told when temperatures were baking in July and August. Maybe it is time for our youngsters to get a taste of a really good summer. It’s something they’ve never known.