The final heat of the Songwriter Contest will take place in the Sean Ti on Friday at 10pm and it is a mouth-watering line up, perhaps the strongest of all the heats. Here are the contestants:-

Jack Craig – he was 4th in Derry’s Songwriter Contest and got both his songs through in the first heat of our contest in Rosatos. He was picked out by te girls behind the bar. Reckons he will be playing his best song this time.

Ryan O’Dochertaigh – Ryan is entering the contest at this stage. He practically runs music in Derry putting on gigs in Masons Bar and organising quite a few of the music festivals there. He and his band, The Cannibals, played the DylanFest a few years ago in the Bar-A-Cuda and had everyone up bopping around. People were talking about him for ages afterwards.

Lawrence Hackett – Lawrence won the songwriter contest last year and has decided to defend his title at this late stage. He is not absolutely confirmed as I spoke to him two weeks ago but haven’t managed to get him over the last few days. No one will forget when he sung the winning song in the Sean Ti last time and people had cigarette lighters out and were singing along to the chorus. It was spine tingling.

Matt Whoriskey – Matt is from Derry originally but married local girl Bryna Barr and is well-known around Moville from playing in various venues. He is now having success in Manchester and is building quite a reputation there. This is his first entry into the contest.

James O’Donnell – James isn’t absolutely confirmed but as everyone knows he was a founder member of Spring Tides who brought so much enjoyment to eth area until their recent break-up. James was the main songwriter in the band.

Martin Moir – Martin is well-known about the area both for his own songs and his covers. He already has songs through to the semis from the Rosatos and Castle Inn legs.

Mickey McCarron – he is not absolutely confirmed. he contacted me to play with his full band a couple of weeks ago but I can’t find his details to confirm. I’ve contacted his cousin Karl who has one song through to the semis.

Leo MccCauley is a possible too.

Does anyone know how I can contact Sean ‘Hiboy’ McLaughlin? Sean writes songs and gave me his contact details a while back but I lost them.

If anyone else wants to enter the contest just come along on Friday night.