A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece regarding a photography competition on facebook. Muff man Paddy Johnston has asked his friends and family to please vote for his fiancee Annemarie Doherty in the 2014/15 Epic Rock ‘n Roll Wedding Photography Competition. The competition closes this coming Friday, April 5th.

Can you all please go to http://basicfrontm.easypromosapp.com/voteme/65548/618577376 via Facebook and vote for Annemarie Doherty.  The competition is run by Jay Doherty photography on Facebook. Annemarie is currently in the lead, but only by a few votes. If people can encourage their friends to vote over the next two days it would help to secure her win.

Here’s hoping that on the outcome of her winning, on her wedding day the village of Muff will all be entitled to a slice of wedding cake for each of us who voted!!!!  So Paddy had better order a large enough cake so we all get to sample.

Please vote for Annemarie Doherty and help this local couple get a step ahead on their wedding plans. Vote vote vote….