Did you play with the Muff Accordion Band in years gone by? If the answer is yes, please make contact with the current band or festival committee. The Muff Festival this year is themed ‘The Homecoming’ and it would be great if all past members could reunite and partake in a once in a lifetime 30th anniversary band. So if you EVER took part in the band and are more than willing to blow off the cobwebs and dust down the old instrument, please let the committee know and join the facebook group ‘Muff Band 30th Reunion’ to keep up to date with the plans.

Look on this as the opportunity to show your children how ‘cool’ you were and still can be. Show yourself that you can still ‘play’. Just show our village what an amazing achievement they have in this band, both past and present. And that YOU have been, and still are a part of that achievement. No one expects you to fit into your original uniform, but if you do, well heck, fair play to ya……So get in touch and get this band up and marching!!


An unofficial practice/gathering will be held for 1/2 hour after band practice on Thursday 25th April, in St Mary’s Hall before first official practice.

Practices will be the last Sunday of every month from 2pm – 4pm at St Mary’s Hall
– APRIL 28th
– MAY 26th
– JUNE 30th
– JULY 28th

– Logo has been decided on
– ‘Uniform’ has been decided to be a Band Coloured Hoodie
– Eugene following up to get prices of Hoodies
– Payment plan can be made if required

It has been decided on 8 tunes, 4 Music, 4 will be followed….
Hopefully give everyone copy of music to practice with, in between meet ups