The crows are much maligned around here. There wasn’t much sympathy when with a big flash and bang several hundred crows that were sitting on the electric line up Gulladuff way were wiped out a few years ago. They are supposed to be intelligent creatures too – perhaps the humans of the bird world.


I heard a noise outside this morning and looked out my window. I couldn’t see where it was coming from but I did see lumps of that kind of moss that grows between the slates on the roof coming tumbling down.

I’ve seen it in Moville before both with my own house and outside other houses in Moville, i.e. sudden falls of that moss. I put it down to the wind though.

This time it was calm though and the wind wasn’t blowing the moss down lump by lump. I went out to investigate and saw it was being done by a couple of crows. Why they should do this I don’t know. Perhaps they were looking for insects. Perhaps they just felt it looked a bit of a mess.

They did a great job too. I was wondering how I would get it off the roof. I won’t have to bother now. My new mates the crows will do it for me. I wonder how I could get them to do it on command – perhaps throw some bread up onto the roof.

I wonder if they could be trained for anything else.