Moville & Greencastle festivals have been included in the Calendar of Events for the Donegal Gathering so note these down in your diary. The Calendar has just been launched.

Aug 5th – Moville Sports Day – Moville

Aug 7th to 10th – McGowan/McHugh Family Gathering – Moville

9th-18th – Cavanaghs of Carrowhugh Reunion – Greencastle

22nd Aug-2nd Sept – Come Gather Round People – Sixties Festival Moville & Greencastle

22nd-25th – DylanFest on the Lough – Moville & Greencastle

26th Aug-1st Sept – National Songwriters Festival – Moville & Greencastle

30th Aug-1st Sept – BeatlesFest on the Lough – Moville & Greencastle

Surprisingly they are all in August. August looks as if it is going to be a fun month here.

If you are planning to take a holiday here or planning to come back home sometime during the summer then you can plan your visit to coincide with the festivals and events here.

You can see the fill list of the Dongal Gathering Events here – Donegal Gathering Calendar of Events