I got an email from Patrice La Chaussure saying he was stir crazy with all this cold miserable weather and did I want to come out to Rosatos on a Tuesday evening. I was stir crazy too as I’m sure most of Moville is in this weather and went out to meet him.

I expected it to be a quiet night. After all this is March. However, one after the other four local musicians came in with their equipment. What was happening? It seems they were practising for Sunday night in Rosatos.

It was great to get a free music session on a Tuesday night. They were a mixture from the top local bands. There was James McIvor and Paul Bredin from the much acclaimed the Yetis. There was Sean MGranaghan from Spring Tides and Cathal (is his name McGuinness) who played with Paul in Pablo ‘N Red.

A four piece band in Rosatos? It seems that it is going to happen in Sunday night. I don’t know whether it was supposed to be a secret or not or whether this is a one-off Moville temporary super group or whether this is a new Moville permanent Supergroup.

Get there on Sunday night though. They sounded great.