They have been fighting for more than 20 years to keep the Sewage Treatment plant away from Carnagarve. Now, they are involved in a last-ditch battle to preserve the estuary as they see it.

On March 5th the case went to the High Court in a case that lasted 4 days. The judge’s verdict will take some time as there is more information to gather and be taken into account.


Their legal team highlighted that the Loughs Agency, Coastwatch Europe, An Taisce, the local residents, the shellfishing community, the DCC and the Inspector of An Bord Pleanala all recommended against the project to stick the Sewage Treatment Plant at Carnagarve with the 300 metre pipe running into the water.

They want the treated sewage to be dumped outside the estuary. They see themselves as David taking on Goliath and hope for the same result.

Said a spokesman for the Carnagarve Group “We are not dismayed by the mighty forces against us and remain committed to opposing the determination of Donegal County Council to locate this plant and outfall at Carnagarve. We owe it to future generations to protect the Foyle Estuary and ensure that the wellbeing of the Foyle is the foundation for future economic opportunities for our community”.

They will be calling a meeting shortly to answer questions and provide information.