They burst on the scene like a breath of fresh air. Rosatos gave them their chance as they did with James & Niamh and others, and they used to play just for drinks in the beginning. They’ve come a long way very quickly. Their regular 6pm Sunday gig in the Trawlerman was a highlight of the week.

Break Up

However, Moville’s economic realities meant that band members had to go abroad or to sea for work. Tony Bramwell didn’t even get to see them. They were like a meteor that lit up the night sky and then fell to earth.

However, there is one last chance to see them. Here is what they say on their Facebook page:-

“Hello everybody its been a while and we felt bad about not doing a farewell gig so here we go.

“This Saturday night Spring Tides will be performing at the Trawlerman Bar in Moville.

Final Performance

“This will be our final performance as a band and will also be the launch night for the CD we completed whilst together.

“The night will kick off at 9pm with a DJ set by our long-time cohort Conor Jay, we will then be doing an acoustic walkaround for old-times sake followed by a fully plugged in set with a major surprise.

“This is what we’ve been working towards for the last 2 years people, the ultimate nights craic.

“TRANSCENDENTAL sir!!! P.s. Share the shite outta this please.:)”

So, there you are. Damien Sherdian is playing at Rosatos, and Spring Tides play their farewell gig with a major surprise in store (I wonder what it could be) so it should be a fantastic musical night in Moville.