It may not feel like it but today marks the start of spring – officially at least anyway. You wouldn’t think it though. Outside there is a gale howling and it’s absolutely freezing.

I’m told that snow is predicted for tonight or tomorrow. Some even say that there is a storm coming. Perhaps they will arrive at the same time.


What have we done something to deserve this? Have the people of Moville offended the Gods in some way? With unemployment levels now at Great Depression levels in Moville and seeing all those businesses closing down and others being sold at a fifth or less than their old values, surely we don’t need punished more.

All we’re asking for is a bit of spring and summer weather to cheer everyone up – and get the tourists coming here to spend their money. The crowds on St Patrick’s Day were down, by general agreement, because of the bad weather forecast.


Easter’s coming up soon and may attract people from the North – if we can just get a patch of good weather. Maybe the gods are saving up the good weather for us in the summer – in July and August. Wouldn’t that be good? Perhaps the punishment will end then.

I wouldn’t count on it though. I’ve got the DylanFest and BeatlesFest on the last two weekends in August. They are on The Gathering website and are prominent there. Already people are nibbling to say they are coming.

All we need is a bit of good weather then – and could we not also have a little bit of good weather now – just a little? We don’t want to spend too much of it till the proper time, but a little of at least early spring-like weather would go down fine now.

I wonder what we did to deserve all this. Maybe, as with the bailout cash, the Germans and French have been keeping it all to themselves.