We have had two heats of the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy Songwriters Contest with one more major one in the Sean Ti on Apri 5th to go and one minor one for people who come from far away. So, here are the songs through so far.

One Last Time – Debbie & Geraldine
Won’t Let You Down – Jack Craig (Derry)
Send Me a Letter – Danny Doherty (Carndonagh)
Unobtainable – Laura Bonner
I just Can’t Help myself – John Bradley (Buncrana)
Duffy’s Cut – Leo McCauley
Boston Eyes – Susie Blue Donaghy (Derry)
Where are we going to get our love – Debbie & Geraldine
Don’t know what for – Martin Moir
On the right track – Jack Craig
? – Danny Doherty
Kick’n Beat – Laura Bonner
The Rose of Fluoride Free – Karl McCarron
I Just Can’t Help Myself – Jon Bradley
Gathering – Leo McCauley
Your Grip – Susie Donaghy
Do You Remember – Rosie Carney
My Granda’s Brother Gerard – Mark McKinney from String Fellas (Derry)
Don’t Run – Conal McKinney (sung by Gina Harkin)
Not Ready to Tak – Jessica Harkin
Liquid Confidence – Laura Bonner
Ink – Deadpool (Derry)
That Time My Friend – Deadpool
You Face the Sea – James O’Donnell (with Gerard McGonagle)
Smile – Rosie Carney
Dancing in the Shop – Jessica Harkin
Loaded Gun – Laura Bonner

The Final Heat is in the Sean Ti in Greencastle on April 5th when Matt Whoriskey and Laurence Hackett, last year’s champion, enter the contest.