Legenderry did it again last night! Thousands attended the showcase by the London Symphony Orchestra of John Williams Music for the Big Screen at The Venue, Ebrington. The Derry audience were once again stunned with an amazing performance of music.

When we first saw Jurassic Park back in 1993 we were struck with the awe and excitement – just like the music which began this amazing celebration of one of the greatest cinematic collaborations of all time. Continuing with the theme of man against beast, the greatest of them all must surely be Jaws. Thankfully this was indeed played early in the show as many of us may have been a little hesitant in returning over the Peace Bridge had it been later!!

The LSO continued to play such themes from Schindler’s List, which created many a tear in the auditorium, Indiana Jones, Hook, War of the Worlds and many more. The final performance was Adventures on Earth from ET. And what a performance. A standing ovation followed and an encore was more than welcomed. When the orchestra proceeded to play Star Wars the house applauded with vigorous appreciation.

A total of three standing ovations and rapturous applause from the Derry audience showed just how enthralling this performance really was. A night to remember in Derry for many years to come.

As a village we folk in Muff are so very fortunate to be able to travel the short distance up the road and experience this amazing array of culture. Here’s to much more from the now infamous Legenderry…..