A White Easter in Muff 2013??? Surely not. Most people were quite surprised this morning to arise to constant snowfall. I was quite startled at 7am to see the large snowflake shower that was underway. I did notice a dreadful cold while walking over the peace bridge last night but did not expect to awaken this morning to snow. Our weather really is bipolar at present.

I noticed earlier on facebook that a friend of mine had commented saying that she had read the code of the bible in 1997 and it said that by 2013 we will not know one season from the other. Looks like this is one prophecy that is certainly ringing true.

So it’s now less than two weeks until that wonderful celebration of Easter. Is it possible that my family’s Easter party will involve some sleighing? I guess time will tell. And either way one can be sure that the annual Easter gathering of the Lafferty clan will not be intimidated by the weather!